About Helen Wakefield

Fiction Editor

Want your best shot at publishing your book?

No offense, but everyone wants to write – and anyone can write. And if you want to write, go ahead and write! It’s fun and good for you.

But do you want to write with the aim of publishing and earning money from it?

That’s a completely different story. And that is much, much harder, because it looks like this:

Completing that first, full-draft manuscript. Editing that manuscript. Learning from the process, and editing it again. Discovering you need to re-work your plot, and rewriting your entire manuscript. Taking the feedback of a professional editor, and editing your manuscript again. Submitting to agents and publishers – and getting rejected. Many times. Continuing to write the next book, and the next, even while still trying to get your first manuscript published.

And if you do get published, you’ll need to do it over and over again with the next books!

Even if you want to self-publish, you should follow the same standards and put in the same effort if you want to make a success of it.

Am I trying to put you off?

Not at all. I just want you to ask yourself this:

Is publishing your book successfully what you truly want, and are you willing to go the hard yards to get there?

If you are – awesome! You are just the person I want to work with.

Because I’m not an easy-going editor. I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear.

But I will help you become the best writer you can be, and help you make your story the best it can be, so that you have your best shot at becoming a published author and selling your story.

I do this by teaching and guiding you through the entire editing process. If I can see that there’s a particular writing technique that you’re struggling with, then I’ll point that out and help you practice and improve it.

If your story isn’t holding together, if your characters aren’t authentic and believable, I’ll help you nut out the problems and revise it until the story is as awesome as it can be.

Where you’re doing great – I’ll praise you and encourage you.

It’s all about your story and making it as great as it can be.


 About Me

I was born and raised in a small country town, where life is simpler but no less exciting if you have a sense of adventure.

I have, however, done my time in the big smoke, having spent 12 years in Sydney going to university and then working in the IT industry.

Now I’m back in the country with my husband and three kids where we have the space to explore and time to spend together.

To keep ourselves sane while our kids were in the early childhood years, my sister and I read voraciously and in the process established Book Review Sisters where we posted book reviews and articles for 4 years.

And that’s how I ended up editing. Editing is the perfect avenue to combine my analytical skills, my love of fiction and my passion for excellence.

I am unashamedly a fan of romance fiction. It’s what I love to read, it’s what I know best. But I don’t read or edit romance fiction that contains excessive violence or explicit sex scenes. I understand that you might think I’m crazy, a prude, or boring – and I’m okay with that.  I’m not here to judge anyone either, and people can write what they want. This is just my personal preference.

I have completed the Professional Editing course with the NSW Writers’ Centre and am certified by The Christian PEN in editing fiction.

I am passionate about helping writers create fabulous and engaging stories with dynamic and authentic characters. I have a wonderful sense of story, and as a millennial, I have particular insight into what appeals to readers in the 20-35 year age bracket.

As a digital marketer, I can also help you establish and build an online platform in order to maximise your book sales potential.

I always work towards a goal – and for my editing clients, that means working towards an engaging, highly polished story and a professional, effective online presence that maximises your chances of generating book sales.

Ready to take your best shot at publishing?

Get in touch and let’s discuss how to help your books sell!