Helping writers craft awesome stories

Let's make your story impossible to put down
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Helping writers craft awesome stories

Let's make your story impossible to put down
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For writers who are serious about
making their stories the best they can be

Helen Wakefield

Fiction Editor

I’m passionate about great stories.

You know the kind – the books that keep you up half the night because you can’t put them down. The stories with characters as real as your friends. The books that linger in your mind for days and you can’t help telling other people about.


Do you want this to be your story?

Editing Services

Manuscript Critiques

For detailed feedback on your story, characters and writing technique. You’ll get a report which identifies and outlines your strengths and what you need to work on.

A great place to start if you’re not sure if you’ve got a good grasp of fiction writing techniques, and/or if your story holds together.

Intensive Editing

This editing involves looking at smaller chunks of your work (e.g. chapter by chapter) in greater detail. You will not only work towards a polished piece of writing, but you’ll be mentored in writing techniques along the way.

A great place to start is with the first 3 chapters. After that, apply what you learn to the rest of your manuscript before resuming editing – this will help keep your costs down!

What My Clients Say

In addition to having excellent editing skills, Helen is using the editing process to teach me to become a better writer. I find her to be encouraging and flexible. She doesn’t just edit what I sent her. She helps me think through what I want to write, for whom, and why, and then is very creative about exploring options to figure out the best ways to accomplish my different goals.

Maureen Bureson


With great pleasure I recommend Helen Wakefield’s editing services. With a firm hand she pointed out the areas of my scenes that needed strengthening, and yet never failed to encourage me while doing so. I believe that her input on my manuscript enabled me to final in both the Faith, Hope and Love, RWA Touched by Love Award and the Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Award for Excellence in 2013.

Lucy Thompson


Without Helen’s expertise in editing and her ability to sharpen my scenes to ensure they had the most emotional impact, I would not have been short-listed for a publishing contract with Sunrise Publishing. Her attention to detail and level of dedication to her editing makes my work shine.

Jessica Wakefield


Author Websites & Online Marketing

In conjunction with my digital marketing agency, Impressence Web Studios, I work with authors to create a professional online presence from which to market their writing.

Your website, and other online marketing strategies, should be up and running long before your publish your book.

Talk to me today about how we can help you get the ball rolling!