1_src55_filterHelen Wakefield
Professional Editor

I’m passionate about great stories. You know the kind. The books that keep you up half the night because you can’t put them down. The ones with characters as real as your friends, the ones that linger in your mind for days and you can’t help telling other people about.

This passion for great stories is what drives me as an editor.  I love partnering with writers to help them create dynamic characters and powerful plot lines, and encouraging them to refine their writing techniques to bring those characters and story to life.

I believe that when you couple a fabulous story with fantastic writing, you give your novel its best chance to shine.

No matter where you are on your writing journey, I have a range of editing services that can help you reach your goals.  From book editing services for those with manuscripts getting ready for publication, to critique and mentoring services for those in the earlier stages of their novel writing journey.

Ready for the next step? Get in touch, let’s chat! I’d love to work with you.

In addition to having excellent editing skills, Helen is using the editing process to teach me to become a better writer.  I find her to be encouraging and flexible.  She doesn’t just edit what I send her.  She helps me think through what I want to write, for whom, and why, and then is very creative about exploring options to figure out the best ways to accomplish my different goals.
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